British Proof Authority Memoranda


02-11-2001 Conversion of Barrels and the Fitting of Muzzle Accessories download file 153 k  file

28-11-2002 The Effect of  Barrel Obstructions on Shotgun Barrel Failures download file 40 k file

06-01-03 Notes  on the purchase of second hand shotguns download file 21 k file

06-01-03 Shotgun Barrel Failures Caused by Accidentally Mixing 12 bore and 20 bore Cartridges download file 8400 k file

07-02-2013 Memorandum on Bore diameter Proof marks download file

Rules of Proof 2016 download file


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The public and trade are reminded  of the requirements of the Proof Acts and that any offence may result in prosecution by the British Proof Authority.

Prosecution may also be pursued by the Police with or without the approval of the British Proof  Authority.

The present law on the subject is to be found in the Gun Barrel Proof Acts 1868. 1950.and 1978 and the various Rules of Proof particularly those of 1925, 1954,1986, and 1989.