Organised Tours of the Proof House and Museum

Although the Proof House is a working establishment, a decision was taken in 1997 by the Proof House Guardians that a Museum should be established which was dedicated to the gun trade and ammunition trade of the Birmingham area. The aim was to ensure that something is retained of a trade which was a founding trade of this City and which played such an important role in its development and evolution. The Museum now houses a collection of artifacts relating to the trade and to proof, and organised tours can be arranged via the Proof Master.

In the past we have arranged lectures on the role of the Proof House and on the Gun Trade but visits are normally tailored to the request of the visitor. All such tours have to be pre-booked due to work restrictions and all will be conducted in the presence of a guide.

Please write to the Proof House for details. Minimum party size of 4 and maximum size of 10.